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MA Money takes a common sense, practical approach to each loan application, to find potential loan solutions that other lenders miss
Loan settings
  • Maximum LVR 90% (full doc)
  • Maximum loan of $2M
  • Accept both PAYG & Self Employed
  • Full Doc and Alt Doc options available
Other features
  • Up to 40 years loan term
  • No risk fees on our Near Prime Full Doc product LVR  <80%
  • Accept owner occupied, investment property or personal investment purpose lending
  • Unlimited non-mortgage arrears within the last 6 months for Specialist loan customers
  • Up to 90% LVR cash out
  • Discharged Bankrupt >1 Day for Near Prime, Near Prime Plus and Specialist
  • Weekly, Fortnightly or Monthly repayment options available. Additional repayments allowed
  • Maximum of 6 borrowers (4 loan splits)
Customers we help
6 months+ ABN
Assisting clients with start-up businesses or short term ABNs
Traditional borrowers
Prime loans for anyone looking to achieve the Aussie home-owning dream
Mortgage arrears
Borrowers who may have arrears from a previous mortgage
Credit Impaired
Defaults (paid and unpaid) considered under our Near Prime, Near Prime Plus and Specialist products.
All income types
Both PAYG or Self Employed borrowers can find a loan with us