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At MA Money, we have loan solutions to get you from where you are, to where you want to be.
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We’re all on life’s journey. Whether you’ve recently started your own business, are building a place to call home, or making a living overseas, all of us are striving towards a happier, financially secure future. So if you’re looking for a lending partner to help you make the next step on your journey, partner with MA Money.
Customers we help
6 months+ ABN
Assisting clients with start-up businesses or short term ABNs
Traditional borrowers
Prime loans for anyone looking to achieve the Aussie home-owning dream
Mortgage arrears
Borrowers who may have arrears from a previous mortgage
Credit Impaired
Defaults (paid and unpaid) considered under our Near Prime, Near Prime Plus and Specialist products.
All income types
Both PAYG or Self Employed borrowers can find a loan with us
Why MA Money?
All income types considered
Competitive rates to achieve your goals
A proven track record and a bright future
Simple and fast solutions
Your credible partner
Trust and support
MA Money loan solutions
Near prime
Prime borrowers
Near prime plus
MA Money loan solutions
Prime borrowers
Near prime
Near prime plus
What our customers are saying
“Unlike some other lenders, MA Money didn’t see it as a negative that I earn money from more than one job.”
“I was able to buy out my family home after my divorce. MA Money gave me a loan based on the income from my part-time job and child maintenance payments.”